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At A Foot Ahead Podiatry and Healthcare, we are Health Care Professional Council (HCPC) registered and fully degree qualified podiatrists, based in Bridgeton, Glasgow. A Foot Ahead is also available for home visits – see services for more details.


Our team endeavour to provide treatments to any patient with feet or lower limb problems. From nail and skin care to more complex problems with your feet. Our Podiatrists who are fully insured through the College Of Podiatry (COP) are available to answer any queries or questions regarding treatments and offer follow up care as and when required.

A Foot Ahead also offers full body Laser and/or Acupuncture - for various ailments and conditions. We also offer Fat Reduction/Dissolving Anti- wrinkle and Anti-Ageing treatments.

Our surgery has free parking outside and is wheelchair accessible. We are also fully equipped with personal protective equipment (PPE) to ensure the safety of our staff and patients.

We look forward to treating you soon.


Meet the team

Alison Mary Jones,


Hi my name is Alison, I graduated from Cardiff School of Chiropody with a Diploma in Podiatric Medicine. I had set up a podiatry clinic there which still flourishes in the North of Cardiff. I am interested in biomechanics, nail surgery and laser therapy. I love meeting different people and helping them walk again pain free.

Scott Campbell,
Head Podiatrist

Hi, my name is Scott, I am originally from Northern Ireland. I am qualified with a degree in Podiatry and Medicine from Glasgow Caledonian University, I am a member of The Royal College of Podiatry and also The Health And Care Professionals Council.

My main podiatric interests are verruca needling, biomechanics and nail surgery. Enjoying the variety of patients and treatments that podiatry provides, I also find great satisfaction when a patient can come in to the clinic limping and leaving feeling like they are ‘walking on air.’

I am a firm believer in continuing and developing my knowledge and skill set, I qualified as an acupuncturist and also offer anti-wrinkle and anti-ageing treatments. My patients come first and no matter how big or small the issue, I am always here to help.

Lindsey Faulds,


Hi, I’m Lindsey and I am the receptionist at A Foot Ahead. I will welcome you when you arrive and am happy to assist you and answer any queries. I love meeting new people and working in a friendly environment.
When I am not at work, I like spending time with my family, going to fitness classes, eating out, movies and music.



Services & Prices

New Patient Appointment (First Appointment)

This includes a full treatment. An Initial consultation with one of our professionals will include taking a full medical history,  advice on taking care of your feet, nails care, reduction of  hard skin (callous), corns, and any other lesions you may have. Leaving your feet feeling refreshed and cleansed.


Routine Appointment

This treatment will deal with nail care, hard skin, corns and any lesions you may have. Leaving your feet feeling refreshed and cleansed.


Toe Nail Cutting

This appointment is for general toe nail care.*

*Note: This does not include ingrown toe nail treatments or any other problematic nail conditions.


Ingrown Toenail Care

This appointment is for treating ingrown toenails.


Problematic Toe Nail Treatment

This appointment is for patients who have irregular, thickened or fungal nails. The Podiatrist will treat these nails and advice if any further treatment is needed.



Diabetic assessment

For diabetic patients. Our podiatrists perform an assessment to assess the patients lower limb and foot sensations, along with a routine appointment.



The podiatrist/acupuncturist can help ease your aches and pains by inserting very fine needles at specific points on the body which are considered to be lines of energy (meridians).

Laser therapy

Medical therapeutic lasers are a safe, non-invasive and painless treatment for the reduction of pain, swelling and inflammation. Issues that can be helped with the use of the laser are muscle spasm and pain, arthritis, sprains and strains, back pain, hip pain, knee pain, sciatica, tendonitis, haematoma and oedema, sport injuries and many more.

Laser therapy works by passing electrical energy through an active material or diode, such as a crystal, in a tube.

This causes atoms to become energised and to release photons. The photons are then bounced around by mirrors and eventually exit as a laser beam via a slit in the tube.


Verruca treatment

Our podiatrists will treat all your verrucas with different medicaments, depending on the type and size of the verrucas.

From £28.00 

Verruca treatment with Verrutop®

Our practitioners will use Verrutop to treat your verrucas. This is a very effective treatment with 80% of patients experiencing clearance within 4 simple applications


Nail Surgery

If you have not seen our podiatrists before please book an INITIAL CONSULTATION first.


For patients who have reoccurring ingrown nail/nails conditions that persist. Our podiatrists will numb the toe using local anaesthetic and remove the nail or part of the nail, a chemical will then be applied to stop the nail from regrowing.

£250.00 For one nail

£350.00 For Two nails

Parrafin Wax Bath

Warm parraffin wax is also amazing if you suffer from dry skin on your feet. Imagine how good your feet will feel after your treatment!

This treatment will keep your skin feeling softer, smoother and fresher as well as adding that extra needed moisture during the cold winter weather. A huge benefit for helping with any arthritis/stiffness that you have in your joints.

Get booking your treatment now and feel the difference it will make.


Fungal Nail Fenestration

This is a specialised treatment that can be used to treat fungal nails. 

Fungal nails can be uncomfortable and unsightly. We understand that this can cause many people to be self conscious. 

Nail Fenestration is a method of treating fungal nails by drilling small holes through the nail. An antifungal spray/lotion will be supplied. This must be applied to the fungal nails daily at home. 

The fenestration of the nail will allow the antifungal application to work more effectively, allowing it to target the whole nail including the top layer, middle layer and underneath the nail.


Anti-wrinkle and Anti-ageing injections

Our Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) registered practitioner will help smooth out your wrinkles and laughter lines caused naturally by sun exposure or ageing. It’s never been easier or quicker with our anti-ageing injectables.  Arrange a FREE consultation to see how we can help you today!

1 area: £120.00

2 areas: £150.00

3 areas: £180.00

Males will incur an extra £50.00 charge due to double units required

Video Consultation

We now offer video Consultations!
Meet us in our "Virtual" clinic.

This gives our patients, who are social distancing during COVID-19 a chance to tell us about their issue is. We can then work out the best way to help and tackle the problem over a virtual meeting.

After booking an appointment online, you will get an email confirming your booking with a link in it. You will also receive an email asking for a brief description of your issue as well as a consent form for General Data Protection Regulation purposes (GDPR). When a patient attends our clinic, we often send them home with further resources to help them fix their problem. We can still do all of this virtually.

The most important thing is the care of our patients and getting you a diagnosis. This means that we can target our efforts into getting your feet fixed.​


Dry Needling

A procedure used to treat verrucas that is persistent. Usually performed under local anaesthetic to numb the foot before proceeding. The vercuae will then be punctured with a hypodermic needle. Which pushes the needle from the top layer of skin (epidermis) to a deeper layer of skin (dermis), the body will then recognise the verucae as a foreign body, triggering the bodies immune response, creating antibodies which will eliminate the verucae until completely gone


Biomechanical assessment

Biomechanical assessments are the analysis of the body's movements when you stand and walk. This may lead to recommendations, such as stretching exercises and/or orthotics (insoles).


Home Visits

For patients that are unable to attend the clinic for their treatment, A Foot Ahead will provide a domiciliary service.

This means that we will offer any services available in our clinic in the comfort of your own home.

A Foot Ahead is also happy to treat patients in both a residential and nursing home setting, providing the best care to some of the most vulnerable in society.*


*prices for home visits vary dependant on treatment required, however, a standard home appointment which includes nail care, skin care and treatment of any other lesions is from

N.B. Please be aware when booking a home visit appointment that we endeavour to aim to give your preferred time, however it is subject to change. We have been required to set up a system to reduce pollution and the spread of COVID-19 when arranging house visits. We will call prior to the appointment to confirm an exact time. It is best to give an hour before and an hour after your appointment time in case we are running early or late.

Initial appointment from: £48.00
The following appointment from £43.00

Fat Dissolving Injections (Mesotherapy)

Mesotherapy (Fat Dissolving Injections) is the practice of using microinjections of various types of medicines, vitamins and minerals into the mesoderm (the middle layer of skin where the adipose tissue is located) and tissue underneath the skin - to deliver healing or corrective treatment to a variety of conditions and targeting specific areas of the body.

Mesotherapy is a non-surgical treatment aimed at diminishing problem areas in the body such as cellulite, excess weight/fat pockets, and body contouring.

Arrange a FREE consultation to see how we can help you today!

Small area: From £150.00
Large area: Up to £300 


Feet up Friday!

**Due to COVID-19 restrictions this service is not available at the moment - we apologise for any inconvenience caused**

Join us on Friday mornings between 9am – 1pm for our drop in Nail Cutting service. This will involve an insured member of our team carrying out nail care. The price of these sessions will be £20.00.  So come along and treat your feet, no need for booking!

If you have not seen our Podiatrists before, then you must book an Initial Consultation.

Prices updated 1st May 2022

Happy clients

“A foot ahead are absolutely phenomenal. They are extremely knowledgeable and have conducted every appointment I've had with confidence. I only wish I'd found them sooner, now that I have I'd never go elsewhere. You really could not find anyone better to look after your feet.”


“Finally a professional podiatrist who is  competent and efficient too. I had seen an NHS podiatrist who did nothing for me. I was in pain and got anxiety looking at my deformed feet but one visit from a foot ahead and not only has the pain stopped I can wear sandals again because my feet have been treated perfectly.”


“A foot ahead are extremely professional, caring, clean, and accommodating. They provide me with the piece of mind that my diabetic feet are in professional hands, ensuring my feet are always in the best health they can be. The staff are very polite and helpful if I call them with questions regarding my feet or diabetes.”




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12-14 Tullis Street, Bridgeton,
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